2020 Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival Report

Food and color sex, sex life, sex life can help us regulate our nerves and endocrine, men have a hormone regulation effect on both women, and can improve the relationship between husband and wife, so people are increasingly demanding the quality of sex life The higher the value, the rapid development of the adult products industry in the past two years. When we talk about sex, we may be embarrassed or indecent. It doesn’t matter. Let’s take you to the sex toy exhibitions all over the world. Let’s take a look at the exhibitions in China.

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As a private household product that satisfies the great desires of people, the sex toys market is also an important part of the “home” economic system. From a psychological point of view, people’s desire for life will increase in the face of a powerful epidemic, and their sexual motivation related to survival will also increase. Under the chain reaction, the market demand for sex toys has naturally risen.

Faced with the huge commercial market behind the “home”, the 2021 Shanghai International Sex Life Expo will actively explore ideas and build a series of transformation platforms for the industry. The online platform of Erotic Cloud, which is currently under preparation, provides accurate trade matching services for exhibitors who settle in Erotic Cloud Online, and cares about and assists with the epidemic in various forms such as online product selection meetings, brand live broadcast rooms, e-commerce marketing classes, and VR exhibition halls. Under the road of corporate improvement.

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In the “post-epidemic era” when the epidemic is under stable control, the consumer market is still active, with new changes in service forms, product styles, and sales reach. Internet traffic has become a magic weapon for all parties to attract fans and money. The 2021 Shanghai International Sex Life Expo will open new ways to play, create a trendy business closed-loop model such as “sexy live broadcast Internet celebrity incubator”, share product experience from a professional perspective, and complete user precipitation and emotional blessing through effective interaction, which will help the exhibition and participating brands The party provides traffic guarantee and order support to achieve the integration of product and efficiency.