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Masturbation Toys M02

1. Vibrating, textured vibrating male masturbator for supercharged solo time
2. Non-anatomical, beginner-friendly and perfect for use alone or with a partner
3. Super stretchy to accommodate most penis sizes
4. Frequent use may enhance staying power during sex
5. Open-ended to suit all sizes
7. Internal geometric texture spirals around the penis to intensify sensation



Brand Name SESKOM
Product Name SESKOM Masturbation toys
Specification Item No. SK-M02
Material TPE
Color Rose red/Blue
Package Color box, OEM packaging
Working time 1.5h
Weight 195g
Battery Li-battery 3.7V/200mAh
Waterproof IPX6
Mode 9 Intense vibration
Max noise <40dbs
Certification CE, RoHS

Details of SESKOM Male Masturbation toys M02

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