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Penis Pump 110828

1. Dick Enlarger Vacuum Pump have no side effects and are less complicated to use.
2. Dick Enlarger Vacuum Pump are a cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
3. Dick Enlarger Vacuum Pump Non-invasive device that make it easier to use and less painful.
4. Dick Enlarger Vacuum Pump Can be used together with other male enhancement treatments.
5. Dick Enlarger Vacuum Pump Can be as a sex toy for male masturbation.



Brand Name SESKOM
Product Name SESKOM Penis Pump
Specification Item No. SK-110828
Material Medical Silicone and ABS
Color Black
Package Color box, OEM packaging
Working time 2h
Weight 230g
Waterproof IPX7
Max noise <40dbs
Certification CE, RoHS

Details of SESKOM Penis Pump 110828

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penis pump 110828 8

penis pump 110828 9

penis pump 110828 10

penis pump 110828 11

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